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When Luann Fee was in high school she took a nutrition class that would affect the rest of her life. The teacher suggested that Luann consider majoring in dietetics, and she introduced Luann to the school’s foodservice director, Pat DeGore. Four years later, while studying at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Luann returned to serve an internship under Pat, who then helped her land her first job. Pat continued to mentor Luann, and they maintained their friendship for years, working on many SNAPA and PRFSD projects together.

luann-feeLuann adds “I intended to become a registered dietitian and work in a hospital. However, after a few years in school lunch I realized that this was the field for me because of the employees.” She enjoys the fact that her employees are “good, hard-working” people who “require little discipline,” and they are “working because they love kids.”

Luann has found that running a school meals program requires knowledge in a wide range of areas: finances/budgeting, nutrition, staffing, and purchasing, to name just a few. She currently has over 25 years’ experience as a school foodservice director, but she feels she must continuously learn more about the field. In addition, Luann has been sharing her wealth of knowledge by mentoring four dietetic interns per year from her alma mater, Indiana U. Luann most likely is an inspiration to her interns just as Pat was to her, as some of them have also pursued careers as school foodservice directors.

Luann feels especially confident serving as a resource in the areas of menu writing, merchandising, and staff development. She looks forward to learning along with her mentees and encourages them to remember that their jobs are important and that “we do make a difference in the lives of children.”