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Teleconference 4 DVD Case and DVDDuring the "Teleconference 4 Increasing School Meal Participation: Creative Strategies that Work!", eight pre-taped video segments presented "Creative Strategies" related to school breakfast participation were broadcast. This DVD contains those creative strategies. The creative strategies are:

  • Breakfast in the Classroom: Harrisburg City School District
  • Breakfast During Morning Study Halls: Milton Area School District
  • Student Grill Team: Conemaugh Township Area School District
  • Universal Breakfast: Conemaugh Township Area School District
  • Building Relationships with Students and the Community: Mahanoy ASD
  • Grab 'n Go Breakfast: Hempfield School District
  • Breakfast After First Period: Homer-Center School District
  • Pilot Free Breakfast Program: Central Cambria School District
  • Involve Students in Marketing the Program: Penns Manor School District

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