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In this section of our website, Project PA features some of Pennsylvania’s most dynamic Farm to School programs. Farm to School programs can be effective and fun ways to enhance children’s education and improve their eating habits, and these programs can actually be quite feasible in many different types of schools.

Here in Pennsylvania, Farm to School programs range vastly in scope, from small orchards begun during the past year, to multi-acre gardens. Or, from fresh produce taste tests, to field trips to local farms, to using local produce in the cafeteria. While individuals with farming backgrounds initiated some of these programs, many of them were begun by individuals from other backgrounds who were enthusiastic about increasing student involvement with the food they eat every day. Regardless of the type of project, these programs provide students with a connection to their food and reinforce the benefits of healthy eating.

School personnel who manage Farm to School programs and activities here in Pennsylvania have submitted Promising Practices and participated in interviews with us to share their stories. We hope you will listen to their interviews, read their promising practices, view their photos, or even try making one of their recipes! We also hope that you will enjoy learning about these innovative programs, and will feel inspired to start one in your own community, or try a new idea in your existing program!


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