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After attending business school and participating in the management of several private businesses, Jenelle Himmelreich began her career in food service as a dietitian’s assistant in a small rehab hospital. Looking for a bigger challenge, she worked her way up to the food service director position within a short period of time. When she became restless after several years at the hospital, she eyed the food service director position at the Governor Mifflin SD. When it became available, she applied and was hired. She has now been working for Governor Mifflin SD more than six years, and she says she still loves the challenges of school foodservice: “It keeps things interesting!”

jenelle-himmereichWhen Jenelle was new at Governor Mifflin she was contacted by three other directors in her county. They welcomed her and offered their assistance. Jenelle accepted, and now she repays the favor by contacting new school food service directors to offer her assistance. She believes that it is important to inform new directors that they should not be afraid to ask for help and that experienced directors are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge.

Jenelle knows that it is difficult for new directors to understand the many processes that they are required to oversee, and she believes this mentor program will provide the help they need. She feels especially well-prepared to assist in the areas of traditional menu planning, processing State and Federal claims on PEARS, budgeting, the free and reduced eligibility process, POS systems, and the bid process.

Jenelle looks forward to making life less stressful for new school Food Service Directors. She encourages them to not feel overwhelmed with all that must be learned and to remember to take the challenges of the job one day at a time.


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