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Kelly Price, the school food service director at Donegal School District, credits a fellow, now retired, school food service director for taking her under her wing and mentoring her when she began her school food service career. Kelly believes she would not be where she is today without this generous support and mentoring. It’s not surprising, then, that Kelly is eager to give back and help other directors as they begin their careers.

Kelly graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she studied Culinary Arts and Dietetics. She also has a Master’s degree in School Business Leadership from Wilkes University. Kelly is a Registered Dietitian and, while doing her dietetic internship, had an experience in schools which made an impact on her. In looking for a way to meld culinary arts, nutrition, and dietetics with an interest in schools, a career in school food service seemed like the logical choice and one that Kelly has never regretted.

Kelly enjoys the collegial nature of the school food service profession stating that there is no competition and no harm in sharing. She encourages new food service directors to reach out for help and take advantage of professional development and other opportunities to network with fellow directors. Kelly believes in the importance of getting involved in professional associations and uses her involvement in the School Nutrition Association of Pennsylvania to network and learn from other directors. Even though she is no longer new to the profession, Kelly says that she learns something new every day and is excited about being a mentor because it will keep her “on her game.”


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