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Melissa has been the Food Service Director for Avonworth School District since June of 2014. For the 16 years prior to that, she worked for a Food Service Management Company in public, private, technical, and special needs schools. melissa schadThe company operated an unofficial mentorship program through which Melissa learned from an experienced director and eventually began to mentor assistant directors as she became a veteran.

Melissa understands that, as a school food service director, you have to have knowledge in many different areas (e.g. nutrition, accounting, management, marketing, customer service, etc.). Since very few people have knowledge and experience in all of those areas, the job can be a bit overwhelming for someone new to the position. Melissa is eager to offer support to make this transition easier for new directors and would like them to know that there are many tools and resources available to help them. She commented, “I have worked as a food service director for over twenty years and I continue to learn new things each day!)


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