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Nutrition Friendly Schools symbol, imageThe Parent Collaboration project addresses the issue of childhood obesity and how parents can be involved in solutions to this problem. Materials for this project provide summaries of key topics as well as action plan information for parents, schools, and whole communities.

The Showcase Schools project, begun in 1999, promoted collaboration among cafeteria, classroom, and community members. This project helped to set Project PA on a course beyond training school food service personnel and toward improving the nutrition environment in the total school setting.

During 2000 Project PA began the first of its campaigns to improve the overall nutrition environment in Pennsylvania's schools. The School Decision-Makers project brought the issues to school administrators: informing them about connections between nutrition, health, and learning; and motivating them to develop, approve, and adhere to nutrition-friendly policies.

The term "Nutrition-Friendly Schools" is Project PA's designation for Pennsylvania's efforts to create Healthy School Nutrition Environments for the children in our state's schools. The nutritional health of the total school environment will continue to be a primary focus of Project PA's efforts.

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