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The term "Nutrition-Friendly Schools" is Project PA's designation for Pennsylvania's efforts to create - Healthy School Nutrition Environments for the children in our state's schools. The nutritional health of the total school environment will continue to be a primary focus of Project PA's efforts.

The Parent project is currently helping parents learn how they can make a difference in establishing healthy home, school, and community environments to positively impact their children's health.

During 2000 Project PA brought the nutrition-friendly schools issues to-school administrators: informing them about connections between nutrition, health, and learning; and motivating them to develop, approve, and adhere to nutrition-friendly policies.

The Showcase Schools project, begun in 1999, promoted collaboration among cafeteria, classroom, and community members. This project helped to set Project PA on a course beyond training school food service personnel and toward improving the nutrition environment in the total school setting.

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