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Steve Amore started working in the hospitality industry as a teenager. After graduating from high school he attended Penn State University and studied Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management and Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management. During his final semester at Penn State he traveled abroad to attend a hotel school in Switzerland. Upon his return he did an internship in Florida before accepting a job at the Disney Village Hilton. He continued to work in hotels and restaurants for the next five years until returning to Pennsylvania to start a family. He worked at Albright College in Reading for 14 years running the food service operations. For the past six years he has served as Director of Operations and Food Service for the Twin Valley School District in Chester county.

Throughout his career Steve has been involved in various consortium groups and professional associations that have helped him be successful. He has found one of the greatest resources to be fellow food service directors since they are working toward similar goals and experiencing many of the same challenges. Steve feels that his experiences working with his peers have been instrumental in helping him grow and learn and he wants to share help others do the same. He feels he can be of service to other food service directors by emphasizing the balance necessary to be an effective leader and provide strong hospitality to customers

Steve’s advice to new school food service directors is to begin by absorbing information, listening to others, and engaging with all stakeholders. He adds, “Be patient, respectful, and most importantly trust yourself that you will lead with integrity and that you will do your best to make the right changes.”


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