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roject PA Breakfast Brigade members are foodservice directors who have completed training provided by Project PA .

They can provide FREE assistance in starting school breakfast programs and increasing participation in existing programs.

Members of the Breakfast Brigade can visit your school(s) to observe your current operation and the environment in which it functions. Conversely, you might go (alone or with a small delegation of stakeholders) to observe in a Breakfast Brigade member's school(s). A Breakfast Brigade member can help you determine whether and how to make changes based on such observations.

It is also not uncommon for Breakfast Brigade members to provide assistance by telephone. In addition to using the Breakfast Brigade locator map abpve to find the member nearest you, you can use this list to help you decide which member of the Breakfast Brigade to contact for telephone consultation about a specific topic of interest or concern. To learn more about the topics on this list, visit Project PA's School Nutrition Toolbox and take the course titled, Breakfast: the Most Important Lesson of the Day.

Download: Breakfast Brigade Contact Information and Locations
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