hsne-iconHealthy School Nutrition Enviroments

The term "Nutrition-Friendly Schools" is Project PA's designation for Pennsylvania's efforts to create Healthy School Nutrition Environments for the children in our state's schools. The nutritional health of the total school environment will continue to be a primary focus of Project PA's efforts.

Seven school districts were the recipients of Project PA's Healthy School Nutrition Environments grants. Staff and concerned community members of these schools have assessed their schools’ nutrition environments, assembled teams of individuals interested in making positive changes in their schools’ nutrition environments, and implemented plans for making those changes. The seven school districts were:

Forbes Road S.D. — Waterfall
Hampton Township S. D. — Allison Park
McKeesport A.S.D. — McKeesport
Montoursville A.S.D. — Montoursville
North Pocono S.D. — Moscow
Philadelphia S.D. — Philadelphia
Towanda A.S.D. — Towanda

These seven school districts action plans can be downloaded below.

Download BookForbes Road S.D. Action Plan | Web Quality PDF

Download BookHampton Township S. D. — Allison Park | Web Quality PDF

Download BookMcKeesport A.S.D. — McKeesport | Web Quality PDF

Download BookMontoursville A.S.D. — Montoursville | Web Quality PDF

Download BookNorth Pocono S.D. — Moscow | Web Quality PDF

Download BookPhiladelphia S.D. — Philadelphia | Web Quality PDF

Download BookTowanda A.S.D. — Towanda | Web Quality PDF