C. Probart, PhD, RD, LD; E. McDonnell, MS, RD; P. Birkenshaw, MA. Penn State University, Nutrition Department, University Park, PA 16802; Pennsylvania Department of Education, Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333.
To determine characteristics predictive of change in knowledge and attitude relating to implementation of Dietary Guidelines requirements resulting from a six-hour nutrition teleconference.

A Pre-test - Intervention - Post-test design was used to analyze knowledge and attitude change, as well as determine factors predictive of change. The teleconference was delivered to 24 downlink sites reaching over 650 people. Knowledge and attitude improved significantly following the teleconference. Predictive variables were related to personal, organizational and environmental factors and include job title, administrative duties and membership in professional organizations. In addition, specific differences were identified between Dietary Directors and Cafeteria Managers with implications for designing interventions. The predictive ability of certain variables suggests content and process possibilities for targeting messages to specific audience segments.